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I was diagnosed july 2018 but i knew about it before them cause i could feel it in my anus, it felt like a golf ball but i was afraid to go to the dr. When he told me it was stage 1 but thanks to the incompetent bastards at staten island hospital its now stage 4. first i did 6 weeks of chemo and radiation, jan 2020 pet scan showed it went from 4cm to 2cm but then another pet scan in april showed it back up to 4 1/2cm. So then i had surgery on may 1st, they removed my anus part o my colon, the back of my vagina, did a full hysterorectomy and took skin and muscle from my stomch to replace the back of the vagina. I had positive margins after the surgery and had to do more radiation which didnt work cause this month i found out that i now have 4 spots in my liver and 1 on my lung and theyre telling me ill be dead in a year. im trying to get into a clinical trial in Pa which will do the standard chemo with immunotherapy. I still cant believe this is happening to me, im only 58, my daughter is getting married next year, i want to be there and i want to see my grandkids. it feels like a nightmare that i cant wake up from. anal cancer is so rare theres only about 35000 cases world wide . i can never win the lottery but this shit i win. I go back and forth from angry denial, screaming crying in fear, i keep going in circles. i blame all the corporations for poisoning our water our air our food and shooting us up with vaccines. . im in a nightmare

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November 20, 2020

Staten Island, United States 10306

December 19, 1961

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Anal Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma

July, 2019

Stage 4


The powers that be know damn well how to cure it but they just want to keep making money off of making people sick

i learned how to be petrefied all the time. i feel like an outsider now looking in on the living going on around me :(

Nothing but positive words and that i will get through this ok. Please dont say im sorry., i have come to hate the phrase im sorry and the word unfortunately

positive energy

tell me i will get through this alive!

after the surgery , i now have 4 spots in my liver and 1 on my lung

my go fund me is for medical expenses and traveling to and from treatment which is 1 1/2 hours away from me


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